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The group was founded in the late 1990s and although nominally the Northants and Cambs group we welcome modellers from further afield; we have or have had members from Rutland, Leicestershire and Hertfordshire too.


We usually meet once a month, and we tend to have at least one project on the go.  We cater for all levels of experience and ability and members are encouraged to participate to whatever level they are comfortable with; some take an active role, others prefer to watch and chat.


The group's first layout was Chetene and featured a double track electrified line connecting with a preserved railway.  This was followed by Ketton - depicting the cement exchange sidings near former member Peter Gabriel's house in the village of Ketton, where we were meeting at the time.  Ketton was featured in British Railway Modelling and exhibited at numerous shows including Northampton, March, St Neots and Royston.


Our next layout was Horseley Fields, which depicts a steel terminal in the West Midlands in the present day and is loosely based on Wolverhampton steel terminal.  The genesis of this layout was an idea for using the original fiddle yard boards from Ketton however as plans developed the fiddle yard capacity was significantly expanded, and following several years' successful exhibiting we recently took the decision to extend the layout by an additional board.


The groups newest layout is Crowland Green, which is currently under construction.  It is based in the 1950s/60s and allows us to mix steam and diesel operations.  It is inspired by the former station at Eye Green on the former M&GN line between Peterborough and Wisbech, where short regional passenger services are interspersed with pick up goods and freight trains serving the grain silos and brickworks adjacent to the station.


If you're a member of the N Gauge Society, and would like to join us, please fill in the form from the "Join Us" link above.

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