Horseley Fields (No Longer Owned By Us!)


Horseley Fields is a 16' x 3' layout depicting a section of mainline and a steel terminal in the West Midlands in the present day.  It is loosely based on Wolverhampton Steel terminal.


Passsenger traffic comprises inter-regional trains from Virgin (Voyagers, Super Voyagers and "Pretendolino"), Cross Country (Voyager) ,Wrexham and Shropshire (Class 67 plus Mk3s and DVT) and local services provided by London Midland (Class 350 "Desiro", 170 and 153 units). Arriva (Class 150) and Centro (150).


Freight traffic for the steel terminal is based on the real thing and benefits from numerous contemporary wagons being available RTR or as simple conversions.  These include covered BRA/BYA, KIA and IHA wagons as well as open BDA, BAA and SPA wagons.


Other freight include engineers' trains to and from the nearby yard at Bescot, and trains of cement, sand, aggregates, coal, containers and steel.


The layout has several working features including an operating overhead crane and terminal doors, plus a working bus that automatically stops each time it passes the station.


Scenically, the layout depicts the typical urban decay of the West Midlands, with a disused canalside freight warehouse, overgrown former goods shed and former industrial buildings now converted into exclusive flats.  There is a road-served aggregate terminal, industrial units, terraced housing and other assorted buildings.


Horseley Fields was originally 12' long, with an 8' scenic section, but we have recently extended the scenic area to 12' to add operational interest and create additional possibilities for enjoyable scenic modelling.